Leaving Tomorrow


We leave tomorrow! We have pretty much all the scheduling in order, so now we are just getting mostly logistical things done, our mini toothpaste tubes in order and the like.

We are working on setting up one more meeting through our lovely professor Ann Reynolds with the editor of Artforum online, David Velasco.

His background is not necessarily what you would expect of someone in his position. He studied anthropology as an undergrad and then critical theory for his graduate degree, and before his time at Artforum, had no training in the visual arts or art historical writing. He has now worked as both an arts writer and a performer, working with a few different choreographers.


(Velasco is on the far right, with choreographer Sam Kim standing)

This is really interesting to us, as students who can’t have any real idea of where our careers may take us. I am interested in asking him how he arrived at his current position and how he found himself holding all these different positions.

Ok. Now. Must go pack.

We leave at 6 am and will be in NY a little after 3:00 pm.

So excited to get started! We will keep updating with photos and videos throughout the week, so stick with us!



p.s. here are links to some of Velasco’s writings and conversations

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